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Examples of decorated cakes from using YummyArts:

"Thrilling Quilling"
                                                        Quilling Technique Cake
                                                              by Susan Carberry

“Hooked on You”
Deep Sea Valentine Cake Adventure
by Susan Carberry

"L-O-V-E for the Win"
Word Game Cake

by Amanda Hamilton

"Rose Renaissance"
Lambeth Style Appliqué Mold Cake
by Tami Utley

"All Bottled Up" Baby Shower Cake
by Susan Carberry

"E-I-E-I-O" Chick, Bunny & Sheep Cake Trio
by Tami Utley

“Bunny-anapolis 500”
Easter Cake
by Susan Carberry

“Chillsville”Ice Cream Treats Cake
by Susan Carberry

“Irish You Luck”Buttercream Petal Cake
by Shelly Sicily

“It’s In The Bag”
Diaper Bag Cake
by Susan Carberry

“Petal Pushers”
Lollipop Roses
by Shelly Sicily

“All Ruffled Up”
Fondant Ruffle Cake
by Shelly Sicily

Satisfied members

Hi I just want to say thank you YummyArts . I have learnt so much, there is nothing like this in England. I made cakes for fun but people have already started to ask me to do them a special cake. My next  challenge is that my granddaughter wants me to make her a princess castle cake, she will be four in December so I am looking forward to doing that...I can't wait every day to have a look and see what is new it is the high light of my day. Thank you for being there and please don't go anywhere .So once again thank you so much.

This bouquet was made using the Marshmallow fondant recipe from "Cookie Decorating Made Easy!" that I purchased from YummyArts. I had been purchasing ready made fondant until I made this recipe. There is no comparison, the marshmallow fondant tastes so much better. The cookie bouquets were quite a hit, I sold several of them at Christmas. My customers came back saying how happy their hairdressers were with their gift and how delicious they were. Although I had some knowledge of cookie bouquets, purchasing Cookie Decorating Made Easy! was a very wise choice. It gave me a lot of worthwhile information and I would recommend it to anyone interested in decorating cookies.
Thank You.
Vanessa G.sdfsdfsdfsdfds 
Poughkeepsie, New York

Since watching the videos and using the buttercream recipe my cakes have become very popular. I have a small donut shop and customers had been asking for cakes. I ordered your Cake Decorating Made Easy! to do a crash course and I am amazed at the popularity of the buttercream icing!!! I have one customer that has already ordered 7 cakes in the last two months! I cannot keep cupcakes in the store! I've been playing with the fondant lately, we are making the MMF for the taste! I do love the information you provide, in just 2-3 months I've easily advanced beyond any beginner level. Last weekend I did a 3 tier fondant cake that sold for almost $200. Thanks so much, it's going really well.
Hugs, Mona
Somerset, Kentucky

I made the firetruck cake for my nephew's second birthday. I didn't know what I was doing until I bought and studied (and I mean studied)Cake Decorating Made Easy! Vol I and II. I made and used MMF, royal icing, and buttercream from the recipes in the books. I learned the proper ways of handling cakes from stacking to crumb coating. The most valuable tool I learned though was the proper techniques of preparing and handling the decorating bags. I never knew any of this until I watched the videos. When I presented the cake to my sister-in-law, she didn't know what to say. She thought I would make a cake in the shape of a firetruck, not an actual firetruck. My mother-in-law said she was so proud of me, she almost cried.
M.C. Medina, Bakersfield, CA

I made this cake for a baby shower, and I think it got more attention than the mom to be!! I watched one of the videos using fondant to ice a cake, and another where the cake was carved. I got some GREAT recipes for buttercream icing, marshmallow fondant (didn't know I could make my own!) and a fantastic filling from the YummySearch. With some tips from the forum about carving the cake and what to do with all the cake crumbs, I decided to give it a try. Everyone loved the cake, I got lots of compliments, was told I should go into business, and was even asked if I had a business card! Cindy really encouraged me to be brave and jump right in! So I did!”
Marge P.
Syracuse, N.Y

“I can't even begin to tell you the great satisfaction I have received since being a part of this membership. I so look forward to signing in and seeing what is in store for us next. It's the first thing I do now when I go to my computer and the anticipation is exciting. Every aspect is MORE than what I expect. From the very beginning when I purchased Cake Decorating Made Easy! I fell in love with it. Then Cookie Decorating Made Easy! and now the Candy. YOU are the BEST thing that's on the internet. No-way can I imagine being without YummyArts.Com It just keeps getting better!!! Kiss Kiss Kiss.”
Cindy L.
Penfield, New York

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Dear Visitors , 

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