Cake & cookie decorating is easy

Dear Visitors , 

You practically have icing bag in hand when you suddenly find yourself with some cake decorating challenge that requires some expert advice.
You start flipping through that dusty collection of cake decorating books sitting on your shelf, but the answers you need aren't close at hand.
Quickly jumping online, you attempt to search through every cake and cookie decorating website looking for an answer.An hour later and all you've come across are bakery ads, three identical recipes to oatmeal cookies, and confusing instructions on how to make a cow wedding cake.
At this point you're probably feeling the same stress and frustration shared by countless other cake and cookie decorators, both beginner and professional.
Sure, you can try things like cake decorating blogs, forums, chat rooms, message boards, email lists, internet searches.
But those places can often make you feel like you're getting nowhere fast.
You have to visit one website to learn where you can buy your supplies. You have to visit another site to find instructions on how to make different types of icing. Then you email several websites hoping someone experienced will tackle your questions.
And how often you been offered detailed instructional videos you can watch online right away ?

You haven't found one.
But here is the good news.No more  endlessly searching the internet. No more waiting for answers that may never come. No more falling behind.

 is a specialized,ultimate cake and cookie decorating support system that offers you :

  •    Answers you need right now.
  •    Step-by-step video instructions.
  •    Keeps all of your cake and cookie information stored in one convenient place.
  •    Award-winning cake and cookie decorators on-staff.
  •    Full email support for questions and video requests.
  •    Offers you cookie designs, candy, and seasonal items. It's not just cakes.